The next generation steamboilers

Innovation, Energy Saving, and the Environment

HKB boiler solutions engineers are always working on improving the efficiency and reducing the emissions of various boilers. That way, HKB boiler solutions boilers contribute to the important climate objectives that have been set all over the world. Innovation aimed at a better world.

Energy saving

There are countless energy-saving measures that can be implemented to increase the boiler’s efficiency. Most steam boilers and hot water boilers can show significant efficiency improvements with the use of economisers and/or certain (flue gas) condensers and frequency converters, which also means (additional) cost savings. Heat recovery from waste water and air preheater (APH) systems can also contribute a lot.


HKB boiler solutions doesn’t stop there. For instance, we’re researching potential alternative heat sources to achieve even further reduction of CO2 emissions.
To replace traditional heat sources, such as oil and gas, electric superheating of steam may offer an alternative. Hybrid systems that use green energy in addition to traditional heat sources also have potential. Fully electric boilers will be an option in the near future. 
Additionally, there is a lot of focus on the use of (blue or green) hydrogen gas as a heat source. 

This is how HKB boiler solutions is looking at the future and making the impossible possible. Innovation, environmentally friendly and cost-reducing solutions are finding their way into our next-generation boilers. Please contact us for more information about the possibilities.

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