The next generation steamboilers

Green electricity as solution for sustainable energy supply

Contributes to reducing CO2 emissions! With an electric boiler you can convert green energy into steam or hot water.

The electric boiler is an extremely compact boiler that is easy to integrate in your existing system and is available in various capacities. The electric boiler can be used to use up energy surpluses on the electrical grid. Sustainably generated energy can be converted in the boiler without loss into usable steam or warm/hot water. This reduces your gas bill and your carbon footprint and you can even receive a payment for the used electricity. The capacity is infinitely adjustable which can ensure a constant supply.

The electric boiler is available in a 400 V as well as a 690 V version and can convert up to 10 MW of electric surplus into heat or steam. Higher electric capacities are also available if the user’s system is suitable for this.

The electric boiler is supplied with a capacity of approximately 15 t/h with a pressure that can reach from 0.5 to 40 bar(g). The hot water boiler version is available in capacities from 0.5 to 10 MW for water supply temperatures that can reach 200o C. Superheating based on electric superheated steam is also an option. Temperatures of up to 350 oC can be reached.

Electric steam boilers to replace gas steam boilers were included in the Energy List (270104) in 2020, which means that you may be eligible for an Energy Investment Allowance.

Spare parts and After-sales service

As a manufacturer of next-generation boilers, HKB boiler solutions is very aware of the importance of service and maintenance.

Operational reliability; that’s key. Expert operation of the system, regular inspections and certifications, and proper and timely maintenance are essential. In addition, well-timed advice on further optimising existing processes contributes to making them more efficient and effective.


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