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The purpose of an economiser is to further lower the temperature of the flue gases on the output side of the boiler in order to reduce heat loss. This leads to a 3 to 5% increase in the efficiency of the boiler.

On the secondary side, the boiler’s feed water is increased in temperature, reducing the thermal tension within the boiler.

The economiser is installed in a boiler’s flue gas exhaust.


  • The economiser is a fuel-saving and emission-reducing, maintenance-free heat exchanger.
  • The economisers come with smooth tubes or finned tubes, depending on the fuel used.
  • Suitable for gaseous and liquid fuels.
  • Our economisers are available in standard and tailor-made versions.

Air Preheater

The purpose of an air preheater is to preheat the combustion air that is required for the combustion process. This improves the overall efficiency of the system.

A downside from the use of an air preheater is that it increases the formation of NOx.


  • The air preheater is a fuel-saving and emission-reducing, maintenance-free heat exchanger.
  • The air preheater comes with smooth tubes or finned tubes, depending on the fuel used.
  • Suitable for gaseous and liquid fuels.
  • Our air preheaters are available as flue gas preheaters or steam air preheaters.


Some industrial applications require superheated steam. Superheated steam is steam with a higher temperature than the saturated steam temperature corresponding to the operating pressure.

Superheated steam has a higher heat content than saturated steam, making it ideally suitable for power generation, among other applications.


  • Suitable for fire-tube boilers and water-tube boilers.
  • The superheaters are equipped with smooth tubes or finned tubes, depending on the application.
  • Suitable for gaseous and liquid fuels
  • Our superheaters are available in standard and tailor-made versions.

Flue gas condenser

The purpose of a flue gas condenser is to further cool the temperature of the flue gases to below the dew point for the water vapour present in the flue gases.

In addition to the heat that is recovered by cooling the flue gases, the condensation heat of the water vapour is also utilised. This means a significant improvement of the overall system efficiency.

A condition is that water with a low temperature is supplied to the secondary side of the flue gas condenser.


  • The flue gas condenser is a fuel-saving and emission-reducing, maintenance-free heat exchanger.
  • The flue gas condenser comes with smooth tubes or finned tubes, depending on the fuel used.
  • Suitable for gaseous fuels.

Feed water tank/deaerator

The purpose of the feed water tank with deaerator is to remove undissolved gases in the feed water, such as O2 and CO2, which cause corrosion in the steam/condensation system, before the water is fed to the boiler.

The feed water tank/degasser is installed between the water treatment and the boiler inlet or economiser.


  • The degasser is available as a spray degasser or cascade degasser.
  • High-pressure or low-pressure degasser versions.
  • The feed water tank is supplied in a horizontal configuration, complete with appendages,
    Support structure, maintenance walkways, and the required boiler feed water pumps.

Steam accumulator

A steam accumulator enable stable boiler operation when the steam demand from the process varies greatly.

When the demand for steam is higher than the boiler can supply at that moment, the stored energy in the water part of the steam battery is used to generate additional steam for a brief period.

This way the boiler will continue to operate in its optimal, stable operating conditions, while at the same time the process on the other side receives the required amount of steam via, among others, the steam battery.


  • The design is adapted to the requirements of the process (pressure, steam quantity, time available).
  • Inlet pressured up to approx. 60 barg possible.
  • Operates according to the pressure lowering principle.
  • Design available in accordance with all internationally recognised design codes.

(Pressure) Vessels

Some industrial processes require the temporary storage of a certain medium (liquid or gas) under pressure.

In order to safeguard the safety of the (pressure) vessels, as well as the immediate surroundings and operators, these must be calculated, manufactured, and tested in accordance with internationally recognised regulations.

HKB (pressure) vessels are tailor made, customised to the needs and wishes of the user.


  • Design pressures up to approx. 100 barg possible
  • Meet internationally recognised regulations, such as AD2000, TRB, EN 13445, ASME Section 8.
  • Diameters up to 7 metres are possible
  • Application in (petro)chemical installations, autoclaves, storage tanks for various media

Other boiler components

Not just the heart of the installation itself – the boiler – we also supply other equipment that are integral to the installation as a whole.

Think for instance of:

  • Steam manifold
  • Blowdown vessels
  • Flash vessels
  • Stack
  • Condensation collection vessels

Spare parts and After-sales service

As a manufacturer of next-generation boilers, HKB boiler solutions is very aware of the importance of service and maintenance.

Operational reliability; that’s key. Expert operation of the system, regular inspections and certifications, and proper and timely maintenance are essential. In addition, well-timed advice on further optimising existing processes contributes to making them more efficient and effective.


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