HKB boiler solutions provides tailor-made solutions worldwide for the production of steam and hot water

To clients all over the world, this company supplies tailor-made projects that stand out thanks to their excellent quality and optimum performance. The unique location of our business by the Maas river gives us the option to transport larger boilers by ship. This reduces the assembly time at the client’s location and allows for quick delivery of the installation. 

HKB boiler solutions looks forward to working with you on next-generation boilers, offering competitive pricing, excellent performance, and helping the environment.

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The extensive range of boilers is used in a wide variety of industries and sectors

Its knowledge and experience give HKB boiler solutions an important competitive edge internationally. HKB boiler is passionately committed to producing the next generation of boilers.  

The steam boilers produce up to 120 t/h and a maximum operating pressure of 120 bar(g). The temperature of the superheated steam can be up to 500oC. 
The hot water boilers produce up to as much as 115 MW with an impressive pressure of up to 50 bar(g). The boilers supply water with a temperature of up to 250 oC. 

Our steam and hot water boilers have the highest quality standards

Our business has all of the major quality, safety, and environmental certifications.

NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015. International standard for quality management systems.

NEN-EN-ISO 14001:2015. Management system for evaluating, improving and reporting on environmental performance and monitoring compliance with environmental legislation.

DIN EN ISO 3834-2 / AD 2000 Merkblätter HP-0 / Steel Structures EN1090-2

Internal Manufacturing acc. PED/2014/68/EU, Module A2 / TUV -Nord

Safety Management System. Performing service and installation work on steam boiler plants and piping.

ASME S/H/U Stamp

China License

GOST Certificate

Ukraine Certificate

Reducing emissions and improving efficiency are a central focus at HKB boiler solutions. We achieve energy savings thanks to the use of technologies such as economisers, condensers, frequency converters, and heat recovery.

HKB boiler solutions innovations don’t stop there. We help businesses everywhere to contribute to global climate objectives. All this at the most competitive prices! This makes the next generation of boilers truly relevant for the next generation of people!

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