The next generation steamboilers

Special boilers and pressure vessels.

HKB boiler Solutions also offers solutions for special boilers and pressure vessels. We have a lot of history when it comes to building pressure vessels and custom boilers. There are certain boilers that can no longer be manufactured according to old production methods. In such cases, HKB boiler solutions can create a replica of the boiler. Think for instance of boilers in steam locomotives, steamships, steam tractors, steamrollers, etc. This way HKB boiler solutions contributes to the preservation of industrial heritage.

Biomass boilers

HKB boiler solutions has a lot of experience manufacturing biomass boilers. Together with well-known manufacturers of biomass installations, HKB boiler solutions has built over 100 biomass boilers. We can provide our own design or follow the customer’s design.

High-pressure gas filters

These unique pressure systems are used in gas lines to filter dust. This contributes to more efficient transport of natural gas. The pressures of these filter systems can go up to 200 bar(G)


HKB boiler solutions has built autoclaves for a range of processes. Processes such as vulcanising rubber, steaming wood, and so on are using our autoclaves.

Buffer tanks and pressure vessels

Buffer tanks for any application are part of our product range. HKB boiler solutions can design and build tanks from all kinds of materials, with all kinds of operating pressures and temperatures. These can be used in hot and warm water systems, but also in process lines, for instance.

Heat exchangers

HKB boiler solutions also manufactures and designs so-called ‘shell and tube’ heat exchangers for a wide variety of applications.


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