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Gestra NRG 16-12

Gestra | NRG 16-12

Description: The water level limiter comprises a level electrode type NRG 1...-12 and a level switch type NRS 1-8. The level electrode NRG 1...-12 consists of a pressure-tight measuring elec­trode. The electrode is insulated with a plastic sleeve. The high level limiter is based on the conductive measuring principle using the electrical conductivity of water for signaling water level. During normal, trouble-free operation the level electrode tip is not immersed in boiler water and no high level alarm is given. A high level alarm will only be raised if the electrode tip is submerged for more than 3 seconds. A high level alarm will also be activated if the insulating seals placed between the electrodes and the body are no longer pressure tight, allowing water to penetrate into the body. However in this instance the alarm is caused by a malfunction of the electrode, and confirmation should always be done by checking the water level in the gauge glass. The equipment combination NRG 1...-12 and NRS 1-8 provides fail safe protection against a first fault in accordance with TRD 604. Connection: ¾ Pressure stage: PN40

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Article number: 103009