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Gestra TRG 5-53

Gestra | TRG 5-53

Description: The temperature sensors TRG conjunction with temperature switches TRS 5-6 and TRS 5-8 are used as temperature monitors or safety temperature monitors/limiters, for instance in steam boilers and hot-water plants. Safety temperature monitors or limiters switch the heating off as soon as the max. admissible temperature in the superheater or the inlet line is reached. A temperature monitor gives a signal when the preset MIN and MAX temperature limit is reached. The temperature sensors TRG 5-53, TRG 5-54, TRG 5-55 and TRG 5-57 are designed to be used with temperature switches TRS 5-6 and TRS 5-8. Connection: ½ Length: 160mm including: PT100

Quantity: only 1 available

Article number: 105001