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Gestra NRG 26-40 L=700mm

Gestra | NRG 26-40

Description: The level electrode NRG 26-40 consists of a level measuring electrode and an electronic module in the terminal box. The level electrode works according to the capacitance measurement principle and translates the level changes into a data telegram, with the length of the electrode rod determining the measuring range. The level electrode is installed inside steam boilers, vessels or in an external level pot. If the electrode is installed inside the boiler or vessel, a protection tube provided on side ensures correct functioning (see section Examples of installation (pages 12, 13). The level electrode can be installed together with one GESTRA level electrode for water level limiting or for high-level alarm in a single protection tube or external level pot. At regular intervals the level electrode NRG 26-40 sends a data telegram to the control equipment NRS 2-40 and NRR 2-40 or other system components. Data is transferred by means of a CAN bus according to DIN ISO 11898 using the CANopen protocol. Connection: ¾ Pressure stage: PN40 Length: 700 mm

Quantity: only 1 available

Article number: 103018