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Gestra NRG 16-41

Gestra | NRG 16-41

Description: The conductivity of the liquid is used to signal the liquid level. Some liquids are conductive, which means that they allow an electric current to flow through them. For the safe functioning of this device a minimum conductivity of the liquid to be measured is required. The conductivity measurement method can detect two conditions: electrode rod submerged or exposed, meaning switchpoint reached (or exceeded) or not yet reached. Before installation, the length of the electrode rod must be cut to the required switching level, e. g. for “Pump off” or “Control valve closed” or, in case of economiser and air heaters that are installed close to the steam-generating unit and exposed to a risk, "Firing/Burner off”. An additional electrode fully integrated in the system automatically monitors the electrical resistance path between earth and measuring electrode. As soon as the actual value falls below the admissible resistance value the protection circuit is interrupted and cuts off the pump or heat supply to the boiler. At regular intervals the level electrode NRG 1...-41 / NRG 1...41.1 sends a data telegram to the switching controller NRS 1-41, NRS 1...40.1. The data are transferred via a CAN bus to DIN ISO 11898 using the CANopen protocol. Connection: ¾ Pressure stage: PN40

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Article number: 103006