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Gestra LRG 16-40

Gestra | LRG 16-40

Description: Use conductivity electrodes LRG 16-40, LRG 16-41, LRG 17-40 only for measuring the electrical conductivity of liquid fluids. For conductivity limiting or continuous boiler blowdown the conductivity electrodes LRG 16-40, LRG 16-41, LRG 17-40 must only be used in conjunction with TDS controller LRR 1-40 and an operating terminal & display unit type URB or SPECTORcontrol. To guarantee a trouble-free operation observe the requirements made on water quality as specified in the pertinent TRD and EN regulations. Use the equipment only within its specified pressure and temperature limits. Any other use is deemed as not being in compliance with the intended purpose. The user shall be solely responsible for the associated risk. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any damage resulting from improper usage. Electrical connection: ¾ Length: 600mm

Quantity: only 1 available

Article number: 103003