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Gestra LRG 16-4

Gestra | LRG 16-4

Description: The conductivity electrode LRG 16-4 together with the conductivity switch LRS 1-.. or conductivity controller LRR 1-.. is designed for measuring and monitoring electrical conductivity in conductive fluids. If used as conductivity limiter or continuous blowdown controller in steam boilers, the conductivity electrode LRG 16-4 can be used with the following equipment: * Conductivity switch LRS 1-50 * Conductivity controller LRR 1-50 * Conductivity controller LRR 1-52 To guarantee a trouble-free operation observe the requirements made on water as specified in the pertinent TRD and EN regulations. The equipment must only be used within the admissible pressure and temperature ratings Connection: ⅜

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Article number: 103002